Frame Grabbers

This section of the eGrabber documentation is dedicated to eGrabber-driven Frame Grabbers and their accessories.

Refer to the Coaxlink Series section for a description of the Coaxlink series of CoaXPress frame grabbers and their accessories.
Refer to the Grablink Duo section for a description of 1628 Grablink Duo Camera Link frame grabber and its accessories.

Frame grabber products list

Product S/N Prefix Camera Interface Icon
1628 Grablink Duo GDU Camera Link ECCO-85
1629 Coaxlink Duo PCIe/104-EMB KDI CoaXPress CXP-6
1630 Coaxlink Mono KMO CoaXPress CXP-6
1631 Coaxlink Duo KDU CoaXPress CXP-6
1632 Coaxlink Quad KQU CoaXPress CXP-6
1633 Coaxlink Quad G3 KQG CoaXPress CXP-6
1633-LH Coaxlink Quad G3 LH KQH CoaXPress CXP-6
1635 Coaxlink Quad G3 DF KDF CoaXPress CXP-6
1637 Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE KQE CoaXPress CXP-6
3602 Coaxlink Octo KOC CoaXPress CXP-6
3603 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 KQP CoaXPress CXP-12
3603-4 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 KQQ CoaXPress CXP-12
3620 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG KQJ CoaXPress CXP-12
3620-4 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG KQK CoaXPress CXP-12
3621 Coaxlink Mono CXP-12 KMF CoaXPress CXP-12
3621-LH Coaxlink Mono CXP-12 LH KMP CoaXPress CXP-12
3622 Coaxlink Duo CXP-12 KDP CoaXPress CXP-12
3622-LH Coaxlink Duo CXP-12 LH KDH CoaXPress CXP-12
3625 Coaxlink QSFP+ KQF CoaXPress-over-Fiber CoF-10

Frame grabber accessories list

Product S/N Prefix Icon
1625 DB25F I/O Adapter Cable DBC
1636 InterPC C2C-Link Adapter KCC
3300 HD26F I/O module for Coaxlink Duo PCIe/104 KDM
3301 Thermal drain (Model 1) for Coaxlink Duo PCIe/104
3302 DIN1.0/2.3 Coaxial cable for Coaxlink Duo PCIe/104
3303 C2C-Link Ribbon Cable
3304 HD26F I/O Adapter Cable
3610 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-RS422 EMA
3612 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-CMOS5V-RS422 EMC
3613 JTAG Adapter Xilinx for Coaxlink AXC
3614 HD26F I/O Extension Module - Standard I/O Set EMD
3617 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-CMOS5V EME
3618 HD26F I/O Extension Module - Fast I/O EMF