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Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS) for Linux

The Linux drivers in this release comply with Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS).

DKMS allows the installation of a new Linux kernel without any need for the re-installation of the MultiCam drivers.

Memento Analyzer Probes

The MultiCam drivers in this release provide new probes for 1624 Grablink Base, 1623 Grablink DualBase, 1622 Grablink Full and 1626 Grablink Full XR. When displayed in the Memento Analyzer, the Sequence, Waiting, Acquisition and TimeCode probes provide a detailed time plot of the image acquisition sequence.

New 14-bit and 16-bit Camera Link configurations

Six new Camera Link MEDIUM tap configurations extend the support of high dynamic range 14- or 16-bit cameras.

This allows 1622 Grablink Full and 1626 Grablink Full XR to acquire images from 2- or 3- tap 14- and 16-bit monochrome cameras and 3 x 14-bit and 3 x 16-bit color RGB cameras.

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