Divider Tool

Applies to all firmware variants of Coaxlink and Grablink Duo frame grabbers
Tool Name Short Name Inputs Count/Type Outputs Count/Type/Name
Divider Tool DIV

1 Toolbox event stream

1 event stream: DIV<i>


DIV tool functional and wiring diagram

Any I/O Toolbox event stream can be selected as the input source.

The tool feeds one I/O Toolbox event stream named DIV<i>.


DIV tool waveforms

Once enabled, the Divider tool skips the first – I – input events before delivering an event every D input events.

The division factor – D – is defined by DividerToolDivisionFactor. The default value is 2 and the value range is 1 65535.

The initial offset – I – is defined by DividerToolInitialOffset. The default value is 0 and the value range is 065535.

The operation state is defined by DividerToolEnableControl. The default value is Disable.