Multiplier/Divider Tool

Applies to all firmware variants of Coaxlink and Grablink Duo frame grabbers
Tool Name Short Name Inputs Count/Type Outputs Count/Type/Name
Multiplier/Divider Tool MDV

1 Toolbox event stream

1 Toolbox event stream: MDV<i>


MDV tool functional and wiring diagram

Any I/O Toolbox event stream can be selected as the input source.

The tool feeds one I/O Toolbox event stream named MDV<i>.

Multiplier/Divider Tool Operation

The Multiplier/Divider tool multiplies and/or divides the input rate by any rate conversion ratio – RCR – value in the range 0.001 to 1000.0.

The Multiplier/Divider tool measures the time interval between every consecutive input events and adapts the output rate accordingly.

The Multiplier/Divider is frequency accurate. The output frequency is strictly proportional to the input frequency provided that the input frequency is stable (or varies slowly). In such conditions, the Multiplier/Divider delivers M events for every D input events.

MDV tool waveforms

The Rate Conversion Ratio is configured as the ratio of two float numbers:

The M value is defined by MultiplierDividerToolMultiplicationFactor. The default value is 1.0 and the value range is 0.001 to 1000.0.
The D value is defined by MultiplierDividerToolDivisionFactor. The default value is 1.0 and the value range is 0.001 to 1000.0.

The effective multiplication and division factors are respectively reported by MultiplierDividerToolMultiplicationFactor and MultiplierDividerToolDivisionFactor.

The effective values may slightly differ from the specified values. However, the RCR relative error remains negligible (less than 1/1000).

Frequency variations of the input event stream are reported to the output event stream with a latency of 1 period of the input event stream. Such a latency induces some phase errors in the output event stream. The accumulated phase error increases when the input frequency increases. It decreases when the input frequency decreases.
The Multiplier/Divider is not phase accurate.

Operating Limits

Characteristic Symbol Min Max
Rate Conversion Ratio RCR 0.001 1000
Input Rate fIN 0.1 Hz 5 MHz
Output Rate fOUT 0.1 Hz 5 MHz

MDV tool operating limits diagram