Differential Input (Version 1)

Applies to Closed1628 Grablink Duo, 1630 Coaxlink Mono, 1631 Coaxlink Duo, 1632 Coaxlink Quad, 1633 Coaxlink Quad G3, 1633-LH Coaxlink Quad G3 LH, 1635 Coaxlink Quad G3 DF, 1637 Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE, 3602 Coaxlink Octo, 3603 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12, 3603-4 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12, 3620 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG, 3620-4 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG, 3623 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 Value, 3624 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 DF, 3300 HD26F I/O module for Coaxlink Duo PCIe/104 and 3614 HD26F I/O Extension Module - Standard I/O Set.

Differential Input Simplified Schematic

The receiver complies with the ANSI/TIA/EIA-422B specification.

DC Characteristics

Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Common mode voltage   -7   +7 V
Differential sensitivity       200 mV
Input impedance     120   Ohm
ESD protection Human Body Model (HBM) 15     kV
Contact discharge 8     kV
Air gap discharge 15     kV

AC characteristics

Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Units
Pulse width 100     ns
Pulse rate 0   5 MHz
10%-90% rise/fall time     1 µs

Logical map

The state of the port is reported as follows:

Relative V+/V- voltageLogical State
V+ < V-LOW
Unconnected inputHIGH

Compatible drivers

The following drivers are compatible with the high-speed differential input ports:

RS-422/RS-485 differential line drivers
Complementary TTL drivers