3610 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-RS422

Property description Property value
General properties
Product code and name 3610 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-RS422
Board and bracket layout 3610 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-RS422 and 3612 HD26F I/O Extension Module - TTL-CMOS5V-RS422
Serial nr. prefix EMA
Documentation package eGrabber
Documentation section Coaxlink series mini-site
Documentation section Grablink duo mini-site
Product class I/O Extension
First release Coaxlink 10.4
Product status Not recommended for new designs
GPIO properties
Differential input/ouput lines Standard differential input/output lines
TTL input/output lines type Version 2
Mechanical properties
Gross weight [kg] 0.2
Net weight [kg] 0.1
Connectors properties
External I/O connector instance External I/O Connector - 3610/3612
Internal I/O connector instance Internal I/O Connector - 3610/3612
External I/O connector instance I/O Extension Connector
Environmental properties
Operating conditions Standard 0°C-55°C
EMC compliance for Europe EN55022/32 Class B emission | EN55024/35 immunity
EMC compliance for US Class B emission
KC registration number R-R-EUr-PC3612
REACH compliance EU REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
RoHS compliance EU/2015/863 (RoHS) of the 2011/65/EU directive