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New .NET bindings

This release of eGrabber introduces new .NET bindings.

The new .NET bindings for eGrabber make it possible to use all feature of eGrabber classes, including EGrabberDiscovery (which provides support for multi-bank cameras), in a .NET application. Support for eGrabber Recorder will be added in a future release.

They are compatible with the .NET Framework 4.6 or higher on Windows. Support for .NET 6.0 will be added in a future release, including Linux and macOS.

The new .NET bindings (EGrabber.NETFramework.dll) replace the old .NET bindings (Coaxlink_NetApi.dll) which only provide a subset of eGrabber functionality.

Updating an application to use EGrabber.NETFramework.dll instead of Coaxlink_NetApi.dll is easy and recommended.

eGrabber HTML documentation


Starting with release 23.07, the HTML documentation contains mini-sites. Three mini-sites are now available:

The Coaxlink series mini-site is dedicated to Coaxlink frame grabbers and their accessories.
The Grablink Duo mini-site is dedicated to Grablink Duo frame grabber and its accessories.
The Gigelink mini-site is dedicated to Gigelink library.

Mini-sites have their own search database! The scope of their search engine is restricted to their content exclusively!

Reciprocally, the search engine of the main site doesn't include the mini-site content!

See also: Release Notes 23.10 (HTML - PDF)


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