1630 Coaxlink Mono

Common product properties

Property description Property value
General properties
Product code and name 1630 Coaxlink Mono
Board and bracket layout 1630 Coaxlink Mono
Serial nr. prefix KMO
Documentation package eGrabber
Documentation section Coaxlink series mini-site
Product driver eGrabber
Product series Coaxlink
Product sub-series CXP-6
First release Coaxlink 2.0
Product status Not recommended for new designs
Frame Grabber properties
PCI Express card profile Standard
PCI interface type 4-lanes PCI Express Gen2
On-board memory capacity [Megabyte] 512
Camera Interface properties
Camera interface standard CoaXPress
Camera interface physical layer CoaXPress CXP-6
Camera interface connector(s) type DIN-1
Camera powering standard PoCXP
Electrical properties
Power distribution scheme 1630 Coaxlink Mono
Auxiliary 12 V power input usage 1 POCXP + I/O power output
GPIO Power output type GPIO Power output type 1
PoCXP voltage regulation 12V/24V DC/DC converter
PCI Express +3.3 V typical input power [Watt] 2.1
PCI Express +12 V typical input power [Watt] 7.2
GPIO properties
Number of standard GPIO sets 1
Differential input lines type Version 1
TTL input/output lines type Version 1
Isolated input lines type Version 1 (50 kHz)
Isolated output lines type Standard
Mechanical properties
Cooling method Fan-heatsink
Dimensions [mm] 167,65 x 111,15
Dimensions [in] 6,6 x 4,38
Gross weight [kg] 0.26
Net weight [kg] 0.152
Connectors properties
Camera connector instance CoaXPress Host Connector - DIN 1
External I/O connector instance External I/O Connector
Internal I/O connector instance Internal I/O 1 Connector
C2C-Link connector instance C2C-Link Connector
Power connector Auxiliary Power Input Connector for PoCXP and GPIO
Environmental properties
Storage conditions Standard
Operating conditions Standard 0°C-55°C | 80°C max FPGA temperature
Estimated heat power (No camera power delivery) [W] 9.3
Estimated PoCL/PoCXP DC-DC heat power loss [W] 1.4
Estimated heat power (With max. camera power delivery) [W] 10.7
EMC compliance for Europe EN55022/32 Class B emission | EN55024/35 immunity
EMC compliance for US Class B emission
KC registration number MSIP-REM-EUr-PC1631
REACH compliance EU REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
RoHS compliance EU/2015/863 (RoHS) of the 2011/65/EU directive
Indicators properties
Camera interface LEDs CoaXPress LED's on bracket
Accessories properties
1636 InterPC C2C-Link Adapter Compatible
1636 InterPC C2C-Link Adapter for Inter-PC C2C-link extension purpose Compatible
3303 C2C-Link Ribbon Cable Compatible

Coaxlink Mono (1-camera) specific properties

Property description Property value
General properties
Firmware variant name Coaxlink Mono (1-camera)
Firmware variant tag: camera count 1-camera
Firmware variant tag: camera type Area-scan
Camera Interface properties
HCMAP (Host Connection MAP) 1D1
HCMAP description One 1-connection
HCMAP - Device count field 1
HCMAP - Connection(s) per device field 1C
HCMAP - Stream count field 1S
Pixel Processing properties
Lookup-table pixel processing Available
I/O Toolbox properties
I/O toolbox Line Input tools count 8
I/O toolbox Quadrature Decoder tools count 1
I/O toolbox User Actions Scheduler tools count 1
I/O toolbox Delay tools count 2
I/O toolbox Divider tools count 1
I/O toolbox Multiplier/Divider tools count 1
I/O toolbox C2C-Link Synchronization tools count 2
Acquisition properties
Image acquisition type Area-scan
Buffer filling rule Discard remaining data
On-board memory partition scheme One device, one 'Image data' partition
Maximum number of CIC cycle timings 1
Default width-increment step [Byte] 8